Wong Chi Kei (Macau) Foods Co. Ltd.

  • Tel: +853 2848 1134 +853 6667 0232;+853 6269 9756
  • E-mail: chris@sanyutang.com.hk

Wong Chi Kei has been passed down to the third generation so far, which has inherited Guangzhou's traditional noodle making technology and the ancient method of making Jook-sing noodles. With more than 70 years of experience and lean entrepreneurship, Wong Chi Kei has not only improved the quality of noodles, unified standards, but also challenged the fineness of each piece of noodle. The fineness of each noodle  is controlled below 0.7 mm, but the noodles are still smooth and chewy, which amazes many noodle lovers. Wong Chi Kei's noodles are praised as "silver fine noodles" and Wong Chi kei still continues to work hard to promote Cantonese noodles.

A piece of noodle has been passed down and carried forward by three generations. In addition to traditional craftsmanship, there is persistence, hard work, and warmth in each piece of noodle. We hope you could get this warmth, longing and love while enjoying the taste.