Collection of exhibits


Before filling out the application form, please prepare electronic files or scanned files of the following documents.


Necessary Documents:

1. A copy of commencement of business issued by the Financial Services Bureau

2. A copy of the most recent M/8 Business Tax Demand Note

3. A copy of the business registration certificate

4. Product photographs (accept file type jpg, jpeg, png, pdf)


If apply to the below categories, submission needed:

5. Made in Macao Product: Please submit a copy of a valid industrial license

6. Macao Designer Product: Please submit a Macao Design Declaration(download form) 

7. Macao Registered Brand Product: Please submit a copy of the Macao Trademark Registration Certificate

8. Food & Beverage Product: Please submit a copy of food safety certification documents

Other Documents:

9. Company Introduction or product e-leaflets or brochures


1. Made in Macao

This type of exhibits are mainly emphasized on "Made in Macao". By promoting the quality, manufacturing capacity and technological know-how of local manufacturers or factory, it strives to attract buying desires of consumers or buyers. Applicants are recommended to focus on the official name, history and scale of the manufacturer or factory when applying for this category. 

2. Macao Brand

"Macao Brand" refers to goods that are made in or outside of Macao by local enterprises with registered trademarks in Macao (i.e. company with sales office or administrative offices in Macao for trading). Besides, the enterprise with exhibit of "Macao Brand" must present a proven registered trademark in Macao, while sales of these products offer employment opportunities to Macao residents or facilitate local trading and financing, logistics or tax incomes etc., and it is not limited to projects outside of Macao and invested by Macao residents. Applicants are recommended to emphasize on the series of products, market positioning and image of the brand etc. In addition, exhibits of "Macao Brand" could also be defined as a series of products with certain reputation.

3.Macao Design

Exhibits under this category could be actual products or models designed in Macao. Applicants can either be local enterprises or individual designers with residency of Macao. The objective of this exhibit category is to express the creativity and capability of the enterprise or designer, so as to attract purchase in large quantity, or to utilize their patent through various forms of cooperation (namely franchising or licensing) for subsequent manufacturing purpose. Furthermore, unfinished products which are still in design models are exhibited to attract manufacturers´ cooperation.