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Lotus Coffee Drip Filter(1pack/case)

1.精心挑選100%阿拉比卡純正莊園高級豆現磨現泡,保留咖啡最美好之香氣 。 2.口感香濃醇厚,餘韻回甘 。 3.原裝進口專業掛耳包,方便濾泡。 4.快速簡便就可以喝到一杯杯頂級的好咖啡 。
  1. 精心挑選100%阿拉比卡純正莊園高級豆現磨現泡,保留咖啡最美好之香氣 。

  2. 口感香濃醇厚,餘韻回甘 。

  3. 原裝進口專業掛耳包,方便濾泡。

  4. 快速簡便就可以喝到一杯杯頂級的好咖啡 。

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Excelente Coffee & Food Products Ltd.is a company which is invested by Excelente International Group.The brands "Lotus"and "Kingdom Nuts" are our main brands. We specialize in the production, sales and trading.We spent nearly MOP $10 million to select our factory and introduce the current EU's most advanced roasting equipment and technology, meanwhile, we absorb the professional technology and management to engage in production, sale and imports. Because of the long-term cooperative and friendly business relations with Guinea-Bissau, a Portuguese speaking country in West Africa, we can directly import the cashew nuts with high-quality from Guinea-Bissau to be unshelled and processed and then sell to China. "Lotus Café" and "Kingdom Nuts" is privately owned brand of our company. Our goal is to create strong local brands in Macau in order to develop our products and business in China and worldwide.