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Organic Premium Freeze Dried Coffee

Organic Premium Freeze Dried Coffee
1) 百利來超級市場 - 南灣商業中心地庫 (28333636); 2) US MART - 氹仔大連街太子花城U舖 (28844202); 3) 宏基超級市場 - (i)雅廉訪大馬路68-70B幸運閣地下(28952633); (ii)水坑尾街234-258號百老匯中心地下; (iii)提督馬路通利工業大廈 (28370491); 4) 新苗超級市場 - 營地大街35號澳中商業中心1-2樓及3樓C (28373355); 5) 新惠康 - 澳門士多鳥拜斯大馬路48號(海富花園) (28572622); 6) 南光百貨 - 北京街8號怡珍閣地下一樓, 二樓 (28785115); 7) 泰豐超市 - (i)氹仔潮洲街85號金利達花園地下V舖(28848033); (ii)氹仔埃武拉街新世界花園 (28839198); 8)新昌棧 - 澳門十月初五街23A (28955232); 9) 工人康樂館 - 十月初五街35-37號國成大廈地下 (28955001)

Organic Premium Freeze Dried Coffee

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Excelente Coffee & Food Products Ltd.is a company which is invested by Excelente International Group.The brands "Lotus"and "Kingdom Nuts" are our main brands. We specialize in the production, sales and trading.We spent nearly MOP $10 million to select our factory and introduce the current EU's most advanced roasting equipment and technology, meanwhile, we absorb the professional technology and management to engage in production, sale and imports. Because of the long-term cooperative and friendly business relations with Guinea-Bissau, a Portuguese speaking country in West Africa, we can directly import the cashew nuts with high-quality from Guinea-Bissau to be unshelled and processed and then sell to China. "Lotus Café" and "Kingdom Nuts" is privately owned brand of our company. Our goal is to create strong local brands in Macau in order to develop our products and business in China and worldwide.