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Tangerine Peel Healthy Tea Gift Box

Stimulating Blood Flow and Beauty; Improving beauty; Refreshing and improving eyesight; Dehumidification; lower blood pressure and cholesterol

Stimulating Blood Flow and Beauty: Tangerine Peel Rose Pu'er Tea

Improving beauty: Tangerine Peel Rose Oolong Tea

Refreshing and improving eyesight: Tangerine Peel Chrysanthemum Pu'er Tea

Dehumidification: Tangerine Peel Poria Cocos and Pearl Barley Tea

Reducing Heatness and dispelling cold, lower blood pressure and cholesterol: Tangerine Peel White Tea



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Cheok Kei Company Limited specialises in food and beverages related to tangerine peel. Its "Queen.T" brand combines knowledge and technology of a rich tangerine peel healhy diet. The core members of the company have been engaged in Xinhui tangerine planting and traditional Chinese medicine business in Xinhui for nearly 20 years. The company has its own orchard of Xinhui tangerines, and a factory base for processing and quality control. The packaging of the products is mainly environmentally friendly  aiming to provide the public with healthy, safe, and standard healthy food, and spread the value and culture of health of Xinhui Kuixiang.