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Chamomilla honey moisturizing body lotion

Chamomilla honey moisturizing body lotion

Chamomilla honey moisturizing body lotion

Main ingredients: olive oil, chamomilla extract, matricaria extract, glycerol, honey, honey extract, water, citric acid, bay oil and plant essential oils.

Product features: chamomilla contains abundant amino acid and various microelements that can dissipate heat and eliminate toxins as well as relieving pain and inflammation. The addition of beeswax boosts the moisturizing effect of the formula while remaining natural, hypoallergenic, and suitable for infants and sensitive skin, and can also relieve and repair dry and sensitive skin. The product is nourishing and easy to absorb, and makes the skin glow and feel smooth. Containing plant-based aromatherapy oils, the product helps to relieve pressure, soothe the mind and improve sleep.


The Moss Natural Life is named after moss plants, with the hope of thriving endlessly with vitality as strong as moss, a tiny organism in nature.

Products of the brand primarily include natural hand-made soaps, body cleanser, soothing herbal shampoo, body wash, insect repellant spray and balm.

The products are designed, produced, packaged and marketed by the company itself. Natural floral plants such as Portuguese organic olives are used to create a base oil after over 300 days of soaking and crushing through cold-pressing and soaking technology. Hypoallergenic personal care products have also been developed by the brand to cater for customers with various skin problems.

The company has also worked with local designers to design a baby and maternity product series using kitty May - a character designed to be the little  manager of the design studio - as the series' image and the Portuguese word "Maio" as the series' name.