October Fifth Bakery –Baking Local Tastes Against the Current


        October Fifth Bakery got its name from Macao’s century-old Rua de Cinco de Outubro of Macao, which was previously a bay along the Inner Harbour with a bustling street lined with shops and restaurants, crowded with people and vehicles, and permeated with the aroma of pastries. The company’s signature products include dozens kinds of pastry products, such as egg rolls, almond cookies, snowflake crisps, cookies and mooncakes. With a production base established in Jiangmen, a city of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the company targets both Mainland and international markets with products exported to the United States, Canada, European Union countries, Southeast Asia, Oceania countries, South America and South Africa, committing itself to promoting the story of “Macao Brand” delicacies around the world.

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President of the Board Lao Ngai Leong


October Fifth Bakery’s gift packages

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Safeguarding the reputation of “Macao Brand” through strict food safety controls

        “October Fifth Bakery is only a small company. It is the addition of “Macao” that gives us a big name”. President of the Board of October Fifth Bakery Lao Ngai Leong said that Mainland and foreign consumers generally have confidence in “Macao Brands”, which is attributable to the joint efforts made by the general public, businesses and Macao’s government in terms of safeguarding the rights and interests of consumers over the years. To safeguard the reputation of “Macao Brand”, October Fifth Bakery has always stuck to the principle of prioritising food safety and production quality, and has established a “recall system” to properly handle food safety emergencies when necessary.


        Some years ago, one of their suppliers suspected some of the imported raw materials contained plasticiser, and upon learning about this, the company took the initiative to report the matter to competent government authorities, suspended the warehouse and submitted samples made with the raw materials for testing, while notifying all agencies and distributors to stop selling the products and be prepared for a recall at any moment. At the same time, the company also made preparations in advance for a media interviews. Fortunately, the product test results came back the next day and were found to be normal in all indices. Lao believes that in addition to sound food safety laws and strict regulation by the government, enterprises’ self-discipline is also an important factor for ensuring food safety, which is a matter not only bearing on the enterprise’s image and social responsibility, but also the reputation of “Macao Brand”.

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The factory in Jiangmen

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Transformation and upgrade in the fight against adversity

        Like other traditional food businesses, October Fifth Bakery is also confronted with the challenges of corporate transformation. In recent years, the company has actively invested in automated production equipment and reinforced co-operation with scientific research institutions while giving full play to the role of technical talent of the company in a bid to strengthen productivity with automated production equipment developed through industry-university-research co-operation, and ultimately transform. Today, October Fifth Bakery has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise.


        Growth is usually accompanied by setbacks. Despite the difficulties confronted by the company along its development path, such as the financial crisis during the building of the company’s phase 2 factory several years ago and the COVID-19 pandemic during the building of the phase 3 factory, Lao is still optimistic about the company’s prospects, notwithstanding the uncertain economic environment, in particular in consideration of the opportunities brought by the dual domestic and international economic circulations initiated by the country, and believes that expansion and renovation are even more necessary during hard times. The construction of eleven-storey phase 3 factory has now been completed, providing more space and favourable conditions for massive product research and for the realisation of product diversification through developing new non-bakery products. In the factory, an “experience Macao pavilion” has been set up to recreate the Portuguese streets and World Heritage of Macao, allowing Mainland customers in Jiangmen to experience the gastronomy and the fusion of Western and Eastern cultures featured in Macao.


The company is recognised as a National High-tech Enterprise 

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Interior of the “Experience Macao Pavilion” 

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Awards received by the company in recognition of its social contribution 

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        The “Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) has established a successful platform to assist enterprises in market expansion, which has greatly facilitated us in brand promotion and forging partnerships with distributors.” Lao explained that as a Macao enterprise, the company has been actively participating in local and overseas exhibition events organised by IPIM, through which the “Macao Brand” has gained greater visibility with customers in the Mainland and other countries. He appreciates the abundant manpower, material resources and other efforts invested by IPIM during the process, and expects that Macao enterprises should actively integrate themselves into the overall development of the country and endeavour to contribute to the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.


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Participating in exhibition events outside Macao 

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“Rua de Cinco de Outubro” also known as “Rua de Sei Mang”

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 Lao Ngai Leong calls for support of “Macao Brands”

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