Ho Sio Chong – a Shell-Less Terrapin, Tells Infinite Future of Macao with Animation


        Founded in 2018 by Macao animator Sam Kin Hang, Mung Animation Company Limited (Mung Animation) aims to tell the story of Macao through animated characters. “Mung” implies planting beans and reflects the spirit of being down-to-earth and exploring the future.


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“Ho Sio Chong” peripheral product – “Terrapin socks”

Childhood empowering inspiration, defects making possibilities unlimited

        The original IP character currently promoted by Mung Animation is a red-eared terrapin “Ho Sio Chong” from its animation “On His Back”. Ho Sio Chong, living in Dr Sun Yat Sen Municipal Park, Macao, has suffered from congenital shell-less syndrome since childhood. After a bus accident, he changed his mind to accept his imperfect self. The concept of “loving myself” has resonated with youths who pursue a sense of “healing”. The setting of Dr Sun Yat Sen Municipal Park also evokes many people’s childhood memories and successfully establishes a distinctive memory point in the hearts of local consumers. The setting of “shell-less” gives the character infinite possibilities.  

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Sam Kin Hang, founder of Mung Animation


Still of “On His Back”

(Provided by Mung Animation)

Hand-drawn animation portraying the future

        The hand-drawn style of animation produced by Mung Animation is uniquely distinctive, standing out in today’s animation market dominated by 3D modelling. Several of their animated works have been screened in the mainland, Finland, Japan, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Macao, earning numerous awards in the Macao arts and culture sector. These accolades include the Jury’s Commendation Award at Macao Indies 2013 and 2014, as well as the Award of Distinction at the Macao Annual Visual Arts Exhibition 2014 and 2018. In 2021, the company was invited to share its creative insights at a TEDx programme.


        Drawing inspiration from the story of Ho Sio Chong, Mung Animation has created a themed backpack series, such as the Macao delicacy-themed Portuguese egg tart backpack and the Macao street-name brand backpack. It has also released a variety of “Ho Sio Chong” cultural and creative products, including dolls, apparel, and home supplies. These products are currently available for purchase at MinM Plaza and several mega integrated resorts.



Invited by TEDx to share creative insights

(Provided by Mung Animation)


Various backpacks designed for Ho Sio Chong

(Provided by Mung Animation)

Actively participating in shows for promotion, expanding business opportunities through brand crossovers

        Since its inception, Mung Animation has actively participated in the Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF) held by IPIM, achieving a successful crossover with local brands in its debut at MIF. Subsequently, it has engaged in various types of collaborative partnerships with local organisations and business entities. In addition to selling products on online e-commerce platforms, the company has also actively expanded offline consignment shops, as well as taken the initiative in participating in major exhibitions and local cultural and tourism events. In the future, Mung Animation will focus on developing more new products centred around Ho Sio Chong, while also building networks and resources to explore boundless development opportunities for Macao brands and Macao designs.


“Key Frame of Ho Sio Chong – Character Animation Exhibition

(Provided by Mung Animation )


 A crossover with water treatment plant on open day

(Provided by Mung Animation)


Participation in the “Strolling on Almeida Ribeiro” activity

(Provided by Mung Animation)


Products showcased at MinM Plaza

(Provided by Mung Animation)


Participation in MIF hosted by IPIM and sharing insights into animation creation

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