“Macao Dairy”: Locals’ childhood favourite iced dessert


        The local traditional ice cream brand “Macao Dairy”, which was founded in the late 1970s, is still supplying freshly made ice cream products to supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, and hotels in Macao every day through its “Kai Kong Ice-cream Factory”. “Macao Dairy” has been loved in Macao for half a century, adhering to its business philosophy of quality, integrity, and low prices.


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 “Macao Dairy’s” ice cream cups

Inheritance of local ice cream brands

        Cheong Hon Kei, General Manager of the Kai Kong Ice-cream Factory, pointed out that “Macao Dairy” was founded in 1979 by Mr. and Mrs. Wong in the St. Lazarus district of Macao. At first, “Macao Dairy” was operated as a family-style shop. With its thick and affordable ice cream products with silky textures and milky flavours, the shop became a local ice cream brand passed down from generation to generation. In 2008, since the couple were elderly, they wanted to close the business of Kai Kong Ice-cream Factory. However, Ip Sio Man, the person in charge of International Dairy (Macao) Company Limited learnt about it and or bought the brand and production line so that the delicacy and local style of “Macao Dairy” could be passed on.


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Kai Kong Ice-cream Factory’s General Manager Cheong Hon Kei

Preserving the flavours of the past, locals’ childhood memories

        Today’s Kai Kong Ice-cream Factory still produces a variety of iced desserts, such as ice cream sandwiches, double ice lollies (a double ice lolly can be easily split in two due to its unique design), cones, and ice cream cups. Among the products, the famous “ice cream sandwiches” are brick-shaped, and its thin and crispy wafers with soft and smooth ice cream centre create a double texture; whereas the “double ice lollies” are classic childhood snacks for people to share with friends and their taste remains unchanged after so many years. There are also “red bean ice cream” sticks made with many ingredients such as red beans, green beans, eyebrow beans and taro, contributing to a unique flavour.

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 “Macao Dairy’s” double ice lollies and ice cream sandwiches

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 “Macao Dairy’s” grand-tub ice cream

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“Macao Dairy’s” cones

Adhering to quality, the products’ packaging has “a new look” to meet market needs

         “Macao Dairy” insists on selecting quality-assured raw materials and production equipment, strictly controlling the production process, and striving not to increase the price while maintaining the traditional flavours. The company also regularly arranges for employees to take courses related to food safety and hygiene to ensure its production quality. In addition, in order to keep pace with the times and cater to the mainstream aesthetics of the market, its product packaging has been redesigned many times.


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Factory environment

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 Packaging Room

Expanding the business through live streaming

        Over the years, the company has actively participated in the Macau International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF) organised by IPIM. Through the live streaming arranged by the exhibition, “Macao Dairy’s” ice cream products can be promoted to domestic and foreign businesses and customers to increase its brand exposure. In the future, the company hopes to continue to participate in the economic and trade activities organised by IPIM, accumulate more business resources, expand the development of the brand, thereby carrying forward “Made in Macao” products and the “Macao Brand”.


Participating in  IPIM’s MIF live streaming 

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