Beemax Development Company Limited


Beemax is a small to medium-sized enterprise registered in Macao that specialises in the design and manufacture of model racing cars for prestigious brands. The company is registered with the Financial Services Bureau of Macao. We selected a bee as the company’s logo to represent our hardworking team members, their unity and the team’s strength, which is as strong as a colony of bees. The company sells to clients in Macao and exports a considerable number of products to Japan, Hong Kong, mainland China, the European Union and elsewhere. We do our utmost to provide the best products and perfect designs to motorsport fans around the world. Our team’s leader is a professional with more than 30 years’ experience in motor racing research. A long-term interest in racing led him to establish the company. The founder of Beemax has continued to visit race meetings in Macao and Shanghai, where he continues to absorb the latest knowledge and expertise. He tours overseas every year to gather information from experts and to attend large-scale international exhibitions. This allows Beemax to not only copy the shape and design of full-sized racing cars, but also to combine modern science and technology to produce the most remarkable and accurate miniature models. Beemax is capable of meeting the requirements and requests of any customer who requires a miniature model.