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LAC LA Coriolus Versicolor Essence (60 tablets)

Functions: Regulates the central nervous system; boosts immunity;

Functions: Regulates the central nervous system; boosts immunity; improves the digestive system; regulates the cardio-cerebrovascular system; strengthens the respiratory system; boosts detoxifying functions of the liver and improves skin complexion.

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MCCY Science Product Manufactory’s main businesses are the production, packaging and sale of health products and health food products. Its factories are designed in accordance with international GMP (good manufacturing practice). Its manufacturing equipment includes: automatic tablet counting machines; vacuum packaging machines; tablet making and capsule filling machines; pipelines; central water treatment systems; an air cleaning system; and QC (quality control)-standard laboratories. Its team is composed of professionals including pharmacists, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine and specialists in biochemistry. They adhere to the strictest controls in terms of product quality and health and safety standards.