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金箔醒酒器 廠家直銷紅酒醒酒器 精美創意醒酒器

名稱: 醒酒器 貨號: FAG-D001 顏色: 透明 包裝: 禮盒 尺寸: H:360mm V:1200ml/42oz 起訂量:6個 產品特點 可獨家定制金/銀箔片LOGO. 配件可耐溫在-53度~+149度。

名稱: 醒酒器 

貨號: FAG-D001 

顏色: 透明 

包裝: 禮盒 

尺寸: H:360mm V:1200ml/42oz 

起訂量:6個 產品特點 可獨家定制金/銀箔片LOGO. 配件可耐溫在-53度~+149度。

The company has almost 20 years’ experience in the design of souvenirs and gifts, and production and owns a factory on the Mainland, with advanced technology for the production of metal badges, crystals, acrylics, wood and other products. We can custom-make souvenirs and gifts according to the requirements of the customers in recent years we have invested 4.5 million in the purchase of digital printing machines.