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Butterfly Key Ring

The key ring is able to keep the keys together.

The key ring is able to keep the keys together.

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The founders of Leathership Workshop have been fond of leather goods at an early age and got into making leather goods since attending a handmade leather workshop many years ago. The experience of making a handbag of one's own favorite style is definitely immense satisfying. Furthermore, many female friends around us have encountered the embarrassment of carrying the "same bag" as someone else on the street. This inspired us to think how can one own a one-of-a-kind handbag. Everyone must have a really different idea in their mind. Is there any places for them to present their ideas and make it come true just as the tailor or shoemaker's shop, but why not for a handbag? In view of this we seized the opportunity to open our first handmade leather goods shop which produces and sells handmade leather goods based on the type of leather and customers' needs. Soon after they established their label in Macau. Leathership Creation Limited Company was established in 2012 and in the same year, the Leathership Workshop was founded. As its Chinese name "皮竇" (literally "leather den") suggests, Leathership is a private place for gathering among leather goods lovers, where they can study and share the enjoyment of leather goods making. In the future, they hope they can collaborate carry out exchanges with local designers to further promote "Macau Creations".