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Giclee products for watercolor artwork series

Giclee products for watercolor artwork series

All our Giclee products are made from artworks originally created by local artists, mostly featuring Macao related subjects. We produce on materials not lighter than 300 gsm, in similar texture to the original painting paper. Various sizes are available making them more flexible to suit different space requirement. Products are nicely matted and individually wrapped in plastic bag. They are perfect choices for wall decoration.

Characteristics of our Giclee products:

- almost 95% of the original colour can be recovered;

- water resistant and prevents fading & discoloration for more than half a century;

- the price is only a fraction of original artworks;

- made in limited edition of 100 pcs for each image.

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Kan Gallery Co Ltd, founded by a group of local freelance artists in 2012, focuses on original artwork and Giclee fineart products. All Giclee products, with a KanGallery trademark, are locally made by us. The trademark is intended to strengthen the image of our brand name, and to promote local cultural creative industry. KanGallery trademark has been registered with the Macau Economic Services Bureau in 2013 and recorded in the database for Cultural & Creative Industries managed by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macau.