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Macao street series tea gift box

Macao street series tea gift box

Macao Street Series Tea Gift Box:

The product is co-branded by HIGHT TEA INTERATIONAL and Solomon Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd. in the name of "HIMAY" cat. The illustration concept is based on the HIMAY cat as the protagonist wandering the streets of Macao. The can design includes: Rua das Camélias, Pátio do Gordo, Beco da Rosa, Travessa das Lindas, Pátio de Chôn Sau and Rua do Sol.


Founded in 2019, the main products are tea, daily necessities, trade, retail, wholesale, and training of tea art;  the founder has a number of certification for tea art qualifications, including: China national level 2 tea evaluation technician, China national senior tea art teacher, China national senior tea reviewers. The company actively participates in MICE events and organises many tea art-related activities, and is committed to promoting tea culture.