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ORB-it decoration

ORB-it decoration

ORB-it decoration

- Design makes no waste

A journey of waste wood through the universe - the jewellery collection is inspired by the concept of "surrounding". Simple lines and the unique starry  grain of wood makes each piece unique, like a celestial body in the universe, which is unique and attractive. In the vast space, find your own orbit and the gravitational force that takes you forward, just like the wonderful partner, family, and friends that surround you every day. Feel It All Around!

*The leather rope has a retractable slip knot that can adjust the length by itself, and the product is suitable for all genders.

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Established in 2014, Hylé Design Macau is an original brand created by designers from Macao. The company engages in designing and developing creative products, together with cultural and artistic products. It also offers design service and creative planning. To make its design align with world standards, Hylé Design created a sub-brand of CROZ. CROZ-D.I.Y digital camera is an amusing interactive product which can offer you a brand new photo shoot experience by combining old photo shoot methods with new technology. Original intention of taking photos will be highlighted when users are using this product.