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Diamond Tea

High extraction rate, sweet as lychee, chocolatey taste and mellow aftertaste.

High extraction rate, sweet as lychee, chocolatey taste and mellow aftertaste.

The product is specifically prepared for professional milk tea machines, with medium coarse, medium young tea as the main ingredients. It can bring you an excellent tea colour and concentration in a short time, with a bright colour, rich taste and distinctive layers. Blended with evaporated milk, it can let you make smooth and rich milk tea quickly and easily, not only with the low time cost due to the efficient brewing, but also with the good quality that many customers recognize. 

A careful blend of premium black tea from three regions (Sri Lanka, Asia, Indonesia).

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Seng Pan Limited´s operating motto is “based on honesty and attaching the utmost importance to quality". It was established in 2003 in Zhuhai, as a Macao brand. In the same year, Seng Pan established its Mainland China headquarters in Jiangmen, meant to serve as the centre of our further development. Thanks to the joint efforts of our staff, we established in 2004 a subsidiary in Zhongshan. In 2005, we set up an investment arm in the Great South Gate of China (Guanghou) to extend our influence to various provinces. In 2009, we established a subsidiary in another special economic zone (Shenzhen). Presently, in addition to our business base in the Pearl River Delta Region, we have more than ten agencies across the country. Grateful for the support of our customers, we serve them in all sincerity, meeting their aspirations and pushing forward our development. In 2007, we established the largest factory engaged in coffee roasting and professional sugar and tea packaging in Gujing Township, Xinhui District, Jiangmen Municipality, which is the beautiful hometown of many overseas Chinese. The factory is known for the best design and standards among its counterparts in Guangdong Province. Besides the core products mentioned above, we continue to progress incessantly in pursuit of perfection and professionalism. We know that, in addition to good materials and equipment, we have to maintain a close relationship with the equipment producers. We are currently agent of different types of coffee machines and equipment for Hong Kong style milk tea, so as to provide the best services to our customers. Besides our efforts in making the best products with the best equipment, we also attach great importance to staff training. In 2008, we joined the Coffee Association of Guangzhou and were elected its vice president. In 2009, we formed alliance with the largest Europe-style bartending institute in China and the Specialty Coffee Association of China, so as to nurture professional coffee talents for the country.