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Simonetta - 18K gold, enamel, pearl

Simonetta - 18K gold, enamel, pearl

This series is inspired by the Renaissance Italy, a favourite of Preti, and is dedicated to the most beautiful goddess – Simonetta. Botticelli's encounter with her seemed to be the essence behind his artistic creation throughout his life. Ever since then, she appeared in many artworks by the master Botticelli: The Birth of Venus, Venus and Mars, etc.

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The company was established in 2018 by two founders who are very passionate about jewellery and art and who have been engaged in the jewellery industry for more than 10 years. Furthermore, the company designers have obtained multiple international professional jewellery qualifications. The pieces feature a retro and chic style inspired by elements from the classical Renaissance, Bohemia, Baroque and 20th-century Art Deco. Preti can help customers find pieces of jewellery that express themselves perfectly, as well as (customised) oil paintings and antique artworks collected by the owners from overseas.