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Jadeite Series-Natural Burma Jadeite Diamonds Pendant

Jadeite Series-Natural Burma Jadeite Diamonds Pendant

pendant 6.8g    

18k white gold 3.14g    

main stone white jadeite (17*12.6*5.9)mm, green jadeite, yellow jadeite, pink jadeite /1gem    

white jadeite 3.66g    

diamond 0.003ct*13pcs,0.006ct*26pcs, 0.015ct*1pcs, 0.03ct*1pcs    

pear diamond 0.05ct*2pcs    

marquise diamond 0.04ct*2pcs, 0.06ct*6pcs    

princess diamond 0.04ct*1pcs    

pendant dimension (34.3*16.8*9.4)mm    

*(with certificate report)    

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Meridian Concepts Ltd. established its own brand 'My Choice' in 2020 to provide a high-end customised jewellery and natural gemstone sales services. The range of products covers rings, necklaces, pendants, brooches, earrings and bracelets, some of which are made of natural Burmese gems, and jewellery with sapphires, rubies, beryls, spinels and diamonds are also available.