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Perfect-fit insole and shoes

Patent on cushioning and force-absorbing insoles in Mainland China. From then on, he has been paving way for made-in-Macao force-absorbing shoes and professional footwear services.
Rua da Barca, No 60AA, Edf. Meng Fai, R/C, Macau

Your Own Foot Expert: Macao’s “Foot-Check” Insole and Shoe Shop
 Decom is a local shoe brand, which provides exclusively foot-checking service to sell perfect-fit insole and shoes on Ferry Street (Rua da Barca).

Decom provides customers with on-site “foot-check” services. Using optical scanning instruments, the shape of customer’s footboard, force-bearing points and pressure points are indicated.

Staff will then run professional analysis on the scan reports and explain to the customer about common foot problems for them, helping them to choose the right insoles and shoes for their foot shape. No matter they are leather shoes, sports shoes or leisure shoes, they all have own functions.

DECOM is a footwear brand under the Yick Sun Clothing, which was set up in 1998. It focuses on R&D, design, production and sales of shoes used during work, daily life and leisure time. The main products include leather shoes for relief, shoes for working, functional relief insoles, etc.