[2024/02/14] [Focusing on “1+4” Industries] An International MICE Industry Conference and a New “Sports + Trade” Themed Event Will Be Held in Macao in the First Quarter of 2024

Following the economic recovery in 2023, an internationally influential MICE industry conference and a new sports-themed event will be held in Macao in the first quarter of 2024. According to the record of the “One-stop Service” for MICE Bidding and Support provided by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM), nearly 20 convention and exhibition events will be held in the first quarter of 2024, which are expected to attract approximately 33,000 MICE visitors. As one of the four major industries, the MICE industry has been actively playing the platform role to promote and implement the construction of the "1+4" industries.

The implementation of high-quality MICE projects deepens the "industry + exhibition" new business model

Among the MICE events held in the first quarter, a new "Sports + Trade" themed event will be held in Macao for the first time in February. A number of senior managers and experts from different countries have confirmed their presence in the event.

The “2024 UFI Asia Pacific Conference”, which was successfully bid last year by Macao, will be held in the city again in March. As one of the internationally influential professional conferences for the MICE industry, it will bring the global industry leaders to Macao to discuss hot topics in the industry and potential business opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, the “2024 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition” (2024MIECF) hosted by the Macao SAR Government will also kick off in late March 2024.

Expanding the MICE industry’s stimulation to other industries, with exhibitions boosting sales performance

As more and more influential MICE events are held in Macao, a steady flow of logistics, people, capital, information and business opportunities will also be brought to the city. In addition, during their stay in Macao, MICE visitors will be directed to visit and consume in local communities, giving full play to the consumption effect of exhibitions and expanding the radiation benefits of the MICE industry, and  promoting the development of the SMEs in the community and the peripheral industries.

In addition, IPIM has established a "MICE Bidding and Support Team" in collaboration with the local MICE associations and integrated tourism and leisure enterprises. Through this co-operation mechanism, IPIM has maintained close communication and exchanges with the industry, to let the industry better understand the government policies and the implementation of various initiatives. Among them, jointly attracting and bidding for internationally or regionally influential MICE activities, especially those related to the four major industries, will be the focus to boost the synergy between the MICE industry and other major industries. In addition, the local industry players are also encouraged to join international MICE organisations, to expand their professional networks, and to promote their market-oriented and professional development, and internationalisation.

In line with the development of the MICE industry, a number of integrated resorts and leisure enterprises in Macao will expand and renovate their exhibition and supporting facilities in 2024.


Giving full play to the synergistic effect of "MICE + Tourism", inviting MICE visitors to the local community promotes the development of the SMEs in the community and the peripheral industries


A number of new-theme MICE events were held in Macao in 2023


The work meeting of the "MICE Bidding and Support Team"