[2024/01/29] [Facilitating 1+4 Industries’ Expansion] IPIM Macao Ideas Website Is Now Equipped with VR Display to Promote Macao’s Products

The website (https://macaoideas.ipim.gov.mo/) of Macao Ideas has been upgraded recently. Macao Ideas is an exhibition centre established by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) to promote “Made in Macao”, “Macao Brand” and “Macao Design” products, it currently exhibits around 1,700 products from over 100 Macao enterprises. In additional to the website’s original multi-media contents, the online Virtual Reality (VR) display have been launched, and the keyword search function and social networking site sharing function have been optimised, it enables domestic and overseas traders to obtain information about Macao’s products in one stop.

Virtual + Physical Display to demonstrate the potential of Macao Products

The Macao Ideas exhibition centre is located on the first basement floor of the Complex of Commerce and Trade Co-operation Platform for China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (“the China-PSCs Complex”), which exhibits a variety of “Made in Macao”, “Macao Brand” and “Macao Design” products, including food, coffee beans, wine, tea, healthcare products, clothes, shoes, jewellery, skin care products, cultural and creative design products.

Macao Ideas has been constantly optimising and upgrading its online and offline product display and promotion platform for Macao enterprises. The newly-added online VR display function simulates the real environment of the Macao Ideas exhibition centre at the China-PSCs Complex, with the features of 360-degree panorama, audio guide and information webpages of the Macao Ideas enterprises and products, it offers users an immersive and interactive virtual tour experience that is not limited by time and location. 

Convergence of goods and business opportunities

Macao Ideas has been committed to promoting products of “Made in Macao”, “Macao Brand” and “Macao Design” to the Mainland and international markets. It showcases and promotes Macao products through diverse channels, in addition to the online and offline long-term display, the products are also being promoted at the relevant local and overseas exhibitions, and the Macao Ideas enterprises are also organised to participate in business matching and promotion activities, in order to create a business matching platform for Macao enterprises to explore new business opportunities.

For inquiries regarding the application process and detailed information on joining the Macau Ideas,  please call (853) 2872 8212 during office hours.


Scan the QR code to start the Macao Ideas Virtual Tours


The Macao Ideas website serves as a online platform for showcasing local products


Macao Ideas exhibition centre is on the first basement floor of the China-PSCs Complex


Exhibits are displayed at the booth of Macao Ideas in exhibitions


Business matching activities are organised to assist Macao Ideas enterprises to promote products and expand business opportunities