Lian Da: Opening New Era of Eco-friendly, Water-free Car Cleaning


        As a car owner, can you image that you can have your car clean and shiny without using any water? The car cleaning products from Macau Lian Da Environment Protection Technology Co. Ltd., based on Nano-titanium porcelain coating technology, are directly supplied to its subsidiary K-REST Club. The product includes patented technology and environmentally friendly non-polluting materials, enabling a one-time car care procedure with stain removing, cleaning and care without using any water. Ms Grace Leong, the Marketing Manager said that the company's philosophy is to create a new service platform for car cleaning which is water-free, eco-friendly and can be done anytime, anywhere for customers. Their long-term goal is that costumers can enjoy “car-cleaning delivery service” by only tipping their mobile phone.



Lian Da produces a wide variety of eco-friendly car-wash agents

Made-in-Macao eco-friendly car washing

        Macau Lian Da Environment Protection Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 2014. The company produces a range of eco-friendly cleaners and tools with patented technologies and materials from Korea, allowing you to clean separately the car body, windows, tyres, and rims. without using a drop of water. The whole process uses a total of seven cleaning and care agents; each is developed for different types of stains on the car. The Nano-titanium porcelain film bright care cream and Nano-coating agent are among the most popular products. The former contains a suspending agent, which can quickly break down dirt and dust, separate it from the surface of body-work paint and make the car very easy to clean using a patented sponge of titanium porcelain afterwards. The latter has many functions. It is scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-pollution and can block UV light, providing the car long-term protection. The pre-production line is located in Zhuhai. In order to develop Macao's eco-friendly industry, and ensure the quality of raw materials and production, the company gained approval to set up a factory in Macao with the help of Commerce and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM), becoming a Made-in-Macao brand.


Grace Leong introduces the eco-friendly philosophy of the company


Aiming to provide car-wash service without using water

Break from convention and save water

        Subject to the location that the car is parked,  equipment and other factors, conventional car cleaning consumes nearly 99 litres of water every wash. The dirt and dust particles from the cleaning will go into the gutter and can lead to blockage of the drains. Using the products and service of Macau Lian Da Environment Protection Technology Co. Ltd., the staff can go to the customer’s car and do the car cleaning service, which saves time and water. At present, the company’s main revenue comes from regular customers. The three shops in Macao also provide free-of-charge car valeting services to promote the eco-friendly car wash.


A patent has been applied for the  special sponge for car cleaning 


Car cleaning staff all undergo professional training

Long-term goal: “car-cleaning service”

        The company plans to start “car-cleaning service” in the future, using the internet and mobile apps as a medium to provide an instant door-to-door eco-friendly car cleaning service. In order to promote our water-free car-wash business, the company has already set up flagship shops in Changsha, Hunan province, Changzhou, Suzhou province and Taiwan; meanwhile, with a focus on the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area market, a service point was set up in Hengqin, Zhuhai in recent years. Moreover, in co-operation with Zhuhai social welfare agencies, they will construct a working platform to provide job opportunities for people with disabilities, contributing to society and advocating an eco-friendly lifestyle. This is in line with the company’s mission to protect the environment and the blue sky, saving water and supporting the disadvantaged in society.


        The company “Made-in-Macao” series of eco-friendly car-cleaning products entered “Macao Ideas” Exhibition Centre under IPIM at the beginning of 2020. They hope to make full use of the platform’s promotion function and participate in Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition (MIECF) co-ordinated by IPIM and the Environmental Protection Bureau, so that more local and overseas enterprises learn about their eco-friendly products and innovative car cleaning services, expanding co-operation opportunities



A set of 7 car-washing cleaning agents


Grace Leong (centre) hopes to employ a service team for  a “car-cleaning service”

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