Agencia Comercial Sonho: Creating Silky Golden Sheep Towels with Quality Material and Technology



Macao Agencia Comercial Sonho was established in 2004 by Lei Ngok Fai who has been engaged in textile manufacturing for many years. The company started to get involved in the textile retail and wholesale business when the global textile quotas were cancelled by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 2005. Later, the “GOLDEN SHEEP” trademark was registered in Macao for their branded towels, and the branch company was registered in Hengqin to allow the company integrate into the development of the Greater Bay Area.


founder of Macao Agencia Comercial Sonho, Lei Ngok Fai

Quality and Innovation in Material and Technology

Golden Sheep towels are produced by using Silrospun and physical antibacterial technologies with the well-known cotton materials from mainland China and countries overseas.



By changing the structure of cotton yarn, Silrospun creates high-quality towels with unique characters, such as high water absorption, air permeability and improved softness. The technology can not only reduce the dyeing and finishing auxiliaries and water consumption, but also achieve more vivid and faster dyeing on the cotton yarn, achieving environmentally friendly production.


Physical Antibacterial Technology

After the antibacterial treatment, the towels have antibacterial effects. Therefore, the towels are less likely to become black, harden or odorous even in humid environments such as bathrooms.


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Distribution Display Area



Golden Sheep towels are now on sale at Noble Mart

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Providing Consumers with the Highest Quality, Healthy and Comfortable Life Experiences

Agencia Comercial Sonho has been constantly optimising its product design and producing technologies, with the aim of providing consumers with the excellent experiences. At the same time, it plans to co-operate with enterprises in Portuguese-speaking countries and European countries to introduce innovative product designs to the Macao market, building a brand that combines Chinese and Western cultures.

Expanding Business and Increasing Publicity with Exhibitions

Through the active participation in exhibitions such as the Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF) hosted by IPIM, Agencia Comercial Sonho has successfully attracted the attention of potential consumers and established co-operation with partners and distributors.


The company hopes to attract more customers and increase the brand awareness through the product display at Macao Ideas, trade promotion activities, and business matching services, so as to promote the Macao Golden Sheep towels to a broader market.


At the 27th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF)


Negotiation with potential partners at “Macao Ideas” Business Matching Session of the 28th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF)

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Contact Agência Comercial Sonho

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