Early Cloud Design: Creative Media, Flexible Use of Materials


        Early Cloud Design Integration Limited (Early Cloud Design) was established in 2019. Its Creative Director, Karson Wong, excels in crossover use of industrial materials. Its own brand “Earlyink” which was founded in 2021 specialises in designing fashionable handbags and accessories made from composite fabrics that mimic marble patterns. These products combine eco-friendliness with fashion and have been honoured with the “2020 Golden Pin Design Award”.


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Earlyink – “Stone·Rebirth” series products

Communicating concepts through self-created brands, presenting creativity with skilful use of materials

        “Earlyink” implies that ink is a medium combining culture and creativity, and “originality” is the core value of the brand. The design team at Early Cloud Design excels in utilising ingenuity to create product value. Its top product, the “Stone·Rebirth” series, is ingeniously made of marble gravel stones discarded from industrial processing. Through a rigorous machine crushing and rearrangement of the crushed materials, the transparent resin is injected and then bonded with non-woven fabric and microfibre leather. This results in a composite fabric with unique patterns, a cool touch, scratch resistant, water repellent, flexibility, and ease of cutting. These fabrics are used to craft various minimalist and fashionable clutch bags, shoulder bags, card holders, and bracelets. The use of solid and heavy stones to create lightweight handbags embodies the eco-friendly concept of “design rebirth”.


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Karson Wong, Creative Director of Early Cloud Design

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Composite fabric with marble

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Various microfiber leather colour plates 

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“Macao New Eight Scenic Spots” – diatomaceous earth ornaments

Excellent originality empowering product value

        In addition to the original creations, Early Cloud Design also offers design services of industrial supplies, including functional backpacks, air filtration systems, smart home monitoring, and various other products. Starting from scratch and tailoring their designs to meet customer requirements, it incorporates unique design details to enhance the value of the products. Their works have been selected as the “Macao New Eight Scenic Spots” cultural and creative design products, and the team has introduced scented diatomaceous earth ornaments and nightlights. Creative Director Karson Wong remains actively involved in the local and neighbouring regions design sector. Since June 2022, he has participated in the ReMIX Brands & Designers Matching Programme, standing out among over a hundred teams. He successfully collaborated with the German furniture brand Profilia for a year to launch the “Kittenish Playground Series”. To meet the concept of “harmony between humans and pets”, he created five pet furniture designs, including a rocking chair, coffee table, cat-shaped footstool, stackable cat-shaped cabinet, and tunnel sofa. Among them, the rocking chair won the “2023 Golden Pin Design Award”. 



Multi-functional backpacks

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Kittenish Playground Series

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Expanding sales market and searching the mainland market

        Early Cloud Design has been actively expanding its online and offline sales channels to reach a wider consumer base and promote the Earlyink brand. In 2022, through the business matching services provided by IPIM in Macao Ideas, it collaborated with other Macao brands to open a brand collection store in Powerlong Plaza, Zhuhai, marking their initial entry into the mainland market. In the future, the team will continue to focus on the style development of the Earlyink brand, striving for excellence, and preparing for further expansion in the mainland market. 


Livestreaming selling

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Brand collection store in Powerlong Plaza, Zhuhai

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 Participation in MIF held by IPIM 

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Participation in the “Macao Ideas, Join & Match” Business-matching Showcase

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