Hand-painted Small Things: a cultural and creative brand that loves Macao


        The local artist Vicki Leong founded the local cultural and creative brand “Hand-painted Small Things” in 2014. Through hand-made products, knowledge about Macao’s world heritage attractions, Chinese traditional culture, the Macao Basic Law, and health information children can learn while playing with the items. 



 Series of small seals of Macao’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites 

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Hand-painted Small Things’ founder Vicki Leong

Turning Love into Action, IPIM’s Services Boost its Growth

        Vicki Leong, who has worked with the world cultural heritage tour in the UNESCO Historical Centre of Macao, believes that Macao has a profound heritage of both the Chinese and Western culture, and that cultural heritage souvenirs have market potential. Therefore, in 2014, she established the company “Hand-painted Small Things” through IPIM’s “One-Stop” service for investors, and immediately launched a number of cultural and creative souvenirs, including the series of small seals and postcards of Macao’s World Heritage Sites. The postcards can be combined to form different sightseeing routes to various World Heritage Sites, which received a good response from consumers. In addition, the brand was also displayed in IPIM’s Macao Ideas, so as to promote the brand through the platform of Macao products, and actively participated in a series of activities of the “Dynamic Macao Business and Trade Fair” to communicate with the mainland industries, businesses, and customers to accumulate experience. Vicki Leong believes that IPIM can provide various economic and trade expansion services for small and medium-sized enterprises, gradually leading the company’s development.



The handcraft workshop for the elderly 

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Introduction to schools in Macao

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 “Fruit and Vegetable dolls” teaches common knowledge and creative picture books contains deep meanings

        Vicki Leong launched teaching materials and products on popular science for groups such as children, the elderly, community volunteers, and educational institutions. For instance, in order to convey the importance of a balanced diet, the company launched 6 series of woodcraft pens of different coloured “Fruit and vegetable dolls” in 2018, introducing the benefits of natural pigments (referred to as “phytochemicals”) of fruit and vegetables to human health, and promoting the relevant knowledge. For several years, the “Fruit and Vegetable Dolls Day” has been held in Tap Seac Square in Macao to promote the benefits of colourful vegetables and food to children through interactive booth games.



Woodcraft pens of “Fruit and vegetable dolls” 

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the “Fruit and Vegetable Dolls Day” held in Tap Seac Square 

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        To help children understand local traditional beliefs and customs and the meaning of “One Country, Two Systems”, Hand-painted Small Things has published two picture books about the myths of A-Ma and Nezha in 2020 and 2021 respectively. In 2022, the Children’s Picture Book on the Macao Basic Law • the Motherland Loves You was also published, explaining scientific and cultural knowledge with easy-to-understand hand-painted illustrations. The picture book has been ordered by many local social welfare organisations since it was published.



Children’s Picture Book on the Macao Basic Law • the Motherland Loves You 

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The picture book on the folk myths of A-Ma 

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The picture book on the folk myths of Nezha

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Promoting exchanges between Guangdong and Macao and integrating into the development of the Greater Bay Area

        In response to the development policies of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Guangdong-Macao In-depth Co-operation Zone in Hengqin, Hand-painted Small Things set up a company in the In-depth Co-operation Zone in 2021 to undertake cultural activities in both the Zone and Macao, hold handcraft workshops, parent-child reading sessions, and activities on promoting understanding of cultural relics. The aim is to foster the interaction and exchange of young people from Guangdong and Macao and contribute to the integration of Macao into the development of the Greater Bay Area. Looking forward to the future, the company plans to shift the focus of development from “products” to “products + services”, and seek more opportunities for cross-border co-operation to promote the vitality of the “Macao Brand”.

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The parent-child reading session held in the In-depth Co-operation Zone 

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Visiting the In-depth Co-operation Zone to introduce the company’s projects 

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Picture books available in Macao local bookshops 

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