“Annabella Ip” DIY Gold Bracelet Connect Your Love


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Annabella Ip “Express your passionate love with a DIY Gift of Love”

         “Annabella Ip”, a brand originated from Macao and popular among young people nowadays. It is the first jewelry shop in Macao specialised in making 3D gold bracelet. With “Express your passionate love with a DIY Gift of Love, DIY a gift with love” as motto, “Annabella Ip” has redefined gold and jewelry and has crafted the jewelry with unique affection. The brand cleverly uses differentiated operations to compete with traditional gold jewelry brands, taking the lead with a novel, creative, professional, considerate and diversified service, which has firmly won them a seat in the highly competitive jewelry market. In addition to winning the confidence and recognition of Macao customers, “Annabella Ip” has also developed from an upstairs shop to a business across Zhuhai and Macao. Up to now, “Annabella Ip” has opened a total of five shops. Its next step is to promote the Macao’s original brand to wider mainland and overseas markets via the Greater Bay Area.

陈冰冰.JPGFounder Ms Chan Peng Peng

Priceless gift in the name of maternal bond

        To many people, there is no love greater than the love of mothers. Founder Ms Chan Peng Peng named her brand “Annabella Ip” after her daughter, giving her best wishes for the next generation. Recalling her experience as an entrepreneur, Ms Chan Peng Peng reveals that she started her own businesses two times in the past. Although both failed,  she gained a lot of practical experience. In her third attempt, she decisively chose to launching into the gold jewelry industry as she considered gold a good value preserver, and her family’s factories could help with production, in addition to the fact that Hong Kong and Macao jewelry brands are very attractive to mainland tourists. However, traditional jewelry business entails a higher investment threshold and usually involves fierce competition, especially when the jewelry market has long been dominated by well-established brands. After careful analysis, Ms Chan Peng Peng targeted at the market of gifts for young people and children, and established Macao's first jewelry shop specialising in making 3D gold jewelry with pure solid 999 gold. Moving away from the framework of traditional gold jewelry design, her products feature solid gold bracelet rather than large piece of expensive gold ornaments, forming a unique and differentiated advantage from traditional gold jewelry brands.

DIY a gift that tells your own story

        The brand's featured product is solid gold bracelet, all of which are made of hand-woven and braided ropes. According to their own characteristics or recipients’ preferences, customers can design and make their own gift by combining jewelry of different materials, such as pearls, colored gemstones, crystals and colored porcelain. “Express your passionate love with a DIY Gift of Love”, the bracelet embodies the good wish of the maker, it is also the brand motto of “Annabella Ip”. At present, the brand has developed several hundred models of cute-looking figure with 3D gold. Each piece of jewelry is ingeniously designed, favored by young people in Macao and Southeast Asia. Even tourists from Taiwan and overseas would come all the way to the shop and make their own gift.


Gold bracelet with Chinese zodiac characters


The brand has created various 3D gold figures

Each failure is a step closer to success

        Learning from her previous start-ups, Ms Chan Peng Peng was more cautious in operation after she founded “Annabella Ip” in 2015. She first started her business at a cost of MOP 30,000 to 50,000 with her business partner at a lower-cost upstairs shop. She mainly advertised through online social media platform, and her products were surprisingly well received. Three months later, her upstairs shop was turned to a ground floor shop. Since then, it has expanded at the rate of one branch shop per year. So far, it has four shops in Macao respectively located in Border Gate area, Central District, on Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro and in Taipa. In 2018, “Annabella Ip” set up headquarter and design department in the Zhuhai Macao Cross-border Industrial Zone. In February 2019, “Annabella Ip” set up the first mainland branch in Zhuhai as a pilot to enter the Greater Bay Area. The brand also aimed to learn from the successful experience of the mainland’s e-commerce market to help “Annabella Ip” expand business.

Make good use of different platforms

        Ms Chan Peng Peng points out that branding is a focus of her business strategy when she founded “Annabella Ip”. It is also the reason why “Annabella Ip” got a head start among start-ups. The founder also consider branding as a long journey. In addition to constantly enriching the brand’s story and concept, designing and launching more products that combine cultural and creative elements in the future, and improving service quality, “Annabella Ip” has joined the Macao Gold Industry Association to enhance its public credibility and increase customer confidence in products.  With the "Standard Solid Gold Recognition Certificate", “Annabella Ip” has established a good reputation for the brand. Currently, “Annabella Ip" has more than 20,000 followers on social platforms and has also established an official account on WeChat.

        As her business grows, Ms Chan Peng Pen plans to gradually promote “Annabella Ip” to the mainland and overseas markets, with the Greater Bay Area as the launching pad.  In her opinion, the investment cost of online promotion in Mainland China is higher and the effect is less obvious compared to that in Hong Kong and Macao. So franchising the brand will be her dominant means in this part of business development. Also, she expressed gratitude to the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) for providing a platform for “Annabella Ip” to promote her products at the “Macao Ideas”, as well as IPIM’s business development information and services. She hopes that the “Macao Ideas” will give “Annabella Ip” more public exposure, enhance the brand’s presence and get “Annabella Ip” prepared for expansion to foreign markets.


Founder Ms Chan Peng Peng named her brand after her daughter “Annabella Ip”

位于白马行雅明阁地下的安娜贝拉门店 - 复件.JPG

 “Annabella Ip” shop locates on the ground floor Nga Ming Building at Rua da Pedro Nolasco da Silva

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