Preti Jewelry: A “Macao brand” is created when jewellery is infatuated with art


         “Preti Jewelry”, a local and original jewellery brand of Macao, was founded in 2018 by Kay Shang and Ryan Ho from Macao, who transformed their own understanding of history and art, Western mythology, religion and culture, architectural symbols and even reverie and insights into gorgeous pieces of jewellery.



Earrings and rings of the “Impression of Macao” series 

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         “Preti Jewelry” is taken from the name of the Italian artist Mattia Preti. The pronunciation of “Preti” is similar to that of the word “pretty” in English, which is a metaphor for the brand’s pursuit of art and beauty. The brand launched a number of jewellery series: Impression of Macao, Roaming in Porto, Love in Florence, Stained Windows of the Milan Church, Simonetta, God of flowers, Songs of Fairy Tales and Museum series.



Necklaces of the “Stained Windows of Notre Dame” series and rings of the “Songs of Fairy Tales” series 

(picture provided by the enterprise)

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Preti Jewelry’s founder Ryan Ho

Finely crafted Preti-style art and jewellery aesthetics

        Kay Shang and Ryan Ho have been engaged in high-end jewellery sales and store management for more than ten years, during which they obtained the professional qualifications of gemmologist appraisers from a number of gemmological schools in the United Kingdom, the United States and Switzerland, and accumulated rich experience and knowledge of the jewellery industry. The two founders are also fond of art, and have personally visited art museums and ancient towns in many countries, and even set up a special Facebook page of “Preti Gallery Talking about Art” to share their feelings and interpretations of famous works of art, revealing the stories behind their jewellery. At first, the original jewellery was shared on social platforms, and its bright and delicate artistic style was favoured by consumers, and, therefore, a large number of orders were received in a short period of time.


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The enterprise obtained a number of professional certifications for international jewellery appraisal 

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Bracelets of the “Stained Windows of the Milan Church” series 

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Rings of the “Love in Florence” series 

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 “Impression of Macao” interprets the beauty of Macao

        Preti Jewelry’s “Impression of Macao” series combines the characteristic elements of the buildings in the UNESCO historic Centre of Macao, using elements such as Portuguese-style stained windows, iron gates, lintels, porcelain flowers and domes as inspirations to launch 15 types of jewellery including earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces. The jewellery is made of ancient lapis lazuli, black agate, ruby, and pearl, together with the extremely fine beaded pattern drawn by hand in 18K gold, making jewellery exude the unique style of Macao. This series was sold out immediately after its launch, and Kay Shang said that more products of the “Impression of Macao” series are expected to be launched, allowing more tourists to take home the story of Macao.


        Preti Jewelry’s “Renovation of Old Jewellery” service renovates the jewellery inherited by consumers or jewellery that is rarely worn, through which old jewellery can be customised into different styles and precious memories can be passed on.

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Preti Jewelry’s “Renovation of Old Jewellery” service 

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Bracelets of the “God of Flowers” series 

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Working one step at a time to spread the brand concept through IPIM

        The company is stationed in IPIM’s Macao Ideas for product promotion, and actively participates in business-matching services, business study tours, and large-scale local exhibitions organised by IPIM, so as to reach more customers from different regions and spread the brand concept. Ryan Ho believes that working towards goals is a “one step at a time” process. At this stage, he plans to continue to improve the connotation of the products and craftsmanship on the basis of dual-track development to explore the mainland market and even the South East Asian market, allowing the “Macao brand” to “Go Global”.

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The store located in the Travessa do Bispo, Macao 

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A Facebook page of “Preti Gallery Talking about Art” was set up to promote the brand concept 

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The enterprise participates in large-scale local exhibitions organised by IPIM

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The mainland economic and trade delegation organised by IPIM visits the shop


The enterprise participates in the “Macao Ideas, Join & Match” Business-matching sessions at IPIM’s Macao Ideas


The enterprise was invited to carry out exchanges and share products at the Macau International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF)

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