The Macao brand “City Pharma Gift Shop’s” combines aromatherapy and the Way of Incense


        The aromatherapy brand “City Pharma” (the pronunciation of “aroma” in Cantonese is the same as “marriage”), founded by an aromatherapist in Macao Anna Leng in 2019. The shop specialises in the “wedding and gift” market, and provides customers with a professional one-to-one customisation service, turning “fragrance” into wedding memories. “City Pharma Gift Shop” also develops a variety of aromatherapy essential oil products with soothing effects for consumers with various emotional problems.


The “Fragrant World” compound essential oil series 

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“Red Rose and Lychee” Cream 

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 City Pharma Gift Shop’s founder Anna Leng

Comforting people’s hearts and bodies with fragrance

        Anna Leng is certified as a “professional aromatherapist”. She introduced the difference between “essence” and “essential oil”, in which the former is artificially and chemically synthesised with a stable, strong and long-lasting aroma, and is mainly used for deodorising or fragrance enhancement; whereas the latter are aromatic chemical molecules extracted from different parts of plants that become liquids, with a light, changing, quickly-volatilising and short-lasting aroma, which will be affected by natural factors such as light, climate, soil, and so on.


        Most of the products launched by the company are made with ingredients that can help relieve the mood, such as wax melts made of lavender, sweet orange, ylang-ylang, bergamot, vetiver or Roman chamomile essential oils, single/combined essential oils, household sprays and skin care products. These products can help relieve anxiety, stress, insomnia and other problems. In order to ensure the quality of essential oils, the brand successfully became the local agency for the French aromatherapy brand Florihana in 2021, directly shipping raw materials to Macao.



Sleep aid aromatherapy melting wax series 

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Aromatherapy spray

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 “Aromatherapy” combined with “the Way of Incense” to experience the surrounding environment with fragrance

        Smells can trigger emotions and memory*, and bring consumers an immersive experience, the City Pharma Gift Shop combines the characteristic fragrances of the Way of Incense of the East and mixes them with organic soybean wax with eight times the concentration of essential oils to make three extra-strong aromatherapy melting waxes - the enthusiastic “Burning Wood”, the dreamy “Dazzling Wood” and the rustic “Smoked Wood”. The woody notes of different levels correspond to three stages including the enthusiasm of people who have just graduated and entered society, the enjoyment of a prosperous and happy life, and finally the return to peace, allowing people to recall fond memories. Aromatherapy melting wax is in granular form so that users can increase or decrease the amount themselves to adjust the intensity of the smell. After the aroma evaporates, the remaining natural wax oil can be directly applied to moisturise the skin.

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Wax Warmer Lamp


Extra-strong aromatherapy melting waxes: Burning Wood, Dazzling Wood and Smoked Wood 

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Diversified services cater to the minority customisation market

        In addition to selling self-developed aromatherapy products, the company’s “Healing Perfume” service aims to understand customers’ preferences and needs through one-on-one communication, and prepare perfumes with an exclusive formula for them; whereas the “City Pharma Bar” services aim to co-operate with a number of large hotels in Macao, setting up a fragrance mixing device as well as various tools for the guests to mix perfumes at the wedding venue according to their own preferences as a return gift, so that the guests can experience the unique memories of the couple.

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the “Healing Perfume” service provides a variety of essential oils


The “City Pharma Bar” service 

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The local brand hopes to “expand its business outside Macao” through education and sales

        The company continues to hold a number of essential oil courses and workshops, hoping to promote the concept and knowledge of essential oils and attract more customers from different social circles. Anna Leng said frankly that she has always wanted to “expand her business outside Macao”, knowing that the mainland has huge business opportunities in the aromatherapy market in which she looks forward to developing Macao’s aromatherapy brand; recently, the company has actively participated in various exhibitions organised by IPIM. She believes that by participating in business matching, she will be able to gain a lot of market information and understand more about customer needs from other places, laying a foundation for her product development and future market expansion. In addition, the company hopes to promote Macao’s natural aromatherapy essential oil brand through the platform of Macao Ideas.



Aromatherapy Teaching Course

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A corner of the shop

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Participating in “Macao Ideas, Join & Match” Business-matching sessions

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