Macao Hand-made Soap: Adding Beauty to Urban Lifestyle




    Soaps made of various plant essences bring different effects. 

        Nowadays, even a small piece of hand-made soap is expected to be stylish and environmentally friendly, while integrating functions such as cleasing, skin care, beauty and soothing to win new grounds in the market. As an original local brand for personal cleaning and skin-care: Macau Soap And Detergent Production, has two major categories of product development: "daily cleaning" and "personal care". It has its own production line in Guangzhou and own research and development (R&D) team. At the same time, its packaging incorporates the unique elements of historical buildings in Macao, a creative element which makes it stand out in the market.

        Martin Ho, the owner of Macau Soap And Detergent Production said, the production is currently based in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, with 19 modern production lines and about 300 employees, including 15 R&D and testing personnel. The factory has obtained national cosmetics and cleaning product manufacturer licenses, and the facilities comply with GMPC standards and five special licenses for cosmetics production qualifications. The factory has maintained long-term and close communication with raw material suppliers, equipment suppliers and R&D units to ensure that the production maintains high quality standards.


Martin Ho, founder of Macau Soap And Detergent Production


In pursuit of perfection while being flexible to customers’ needs

        The company adheres to the philosophy of honesty, excellence and quality-oriented. Meanwhile, it can flexibly adjust the formula to meet the various special needs of customers, and customise exclusive products that reflect the customer's brand image. Their handmade soap is made of pure natural materials, using seven kinds of plant essences and essential oils, following the manual soap making method, in line with environmental-friendly principles; its hypoallergenic formula makes it gentle and protects human’s skin from irritation. Generally, the soaps can be stored for three years.

       Martin Ho revealed, their handmade soaps employ different colors for packaging. The concept is taken from the elements of Macao’s characteristic historical buildings to deepen the impression of “made-in-Macao” brand. At present, customers are mainly environmentally friendly middle-class users who have high standard on product ingredients. Although they have not yet opened brick and mortar stores in Macao, their handmade soaps are sold through online shopping platforms and Amazing Creation & Collection (ACC) at Sands Cotai Central, which have become popular and achieved quite good sales.


Professional production lines


The factory’s facilities comply with GMPC standards


Products to be launched in Greater Bay Area

  In the future, Macau Soap And Detergent Production will further expand sales channels and strive to open retail stores in Greater Bay Area cities. It is looking forward to co-operating with multiple star-rated hotels and will continue to participate in exhibition activities of different scales at home and abroad organised by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) to strengthen product promotion and increase the brand’s exposure. Martin Ho sincerely thanked IPIM for the exhibition counter at “Macao Ideas” and relevant business matching activities. In the next step, he plans to invite Macao designers to create new packaging for the products, with highlights on Macao's stories and daily life elements, so that the brand can become a window for the outside world to have a glimpse into Macao’s culture.


The packaging of yellow honey-flavored soap matches with the corresponding cultural and architectural elements. 


Exhibition counter for hand-made soap at “Macao Ideas”

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