Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center

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The Objectives and Missions of Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM) are to increase the competitiveness of Macau industries and to upgrade the knowledge and skills of our workforce. House of Apparel Techology (HAT), a department under CPTTM, aims to improve production techniques as well as fashion and image design, supervisory, procurement, and other skills of the Macau apparel industry. HAT also offers various technial assistance and supporting services, including Fashion Information Gallery, to provide the latest fashion and fabric trends to garment manufacturers and fashion designers in Macau. At the same time , HAT actively assists garment manufacturers to create their own fashion labels, enabling them to better compete in the international market. Established by the Macau Government and a private sector, CPTTM is a non-profit organization that supports businesses in Macau through increasing the conceptual ideas, information and resources for added values of the products and services. The ultimate aim is to increase the productivity and the competitive stand of businesses.