Fábrica de Produção de Alimentos Barra

  • Tel: +853 6683 3787 +853 6683 3787
  • E-mail: macaufood@foxmail.com

Macau Food Production and Processing Trading Co. Ltd. Was founded in 2011 and specializes in food production and processing business. We offer more than 20 types of products, including almond cakes, egg rolls, sliced dried pork and beef meat, walnut cake, Chinese phoenix biscuits, etc. We own two brands, namely “Macau Food” and “Xu Kee Bakery”, which have been registered as trademarks in Macau. “Macau Food” mainly targets the Hong Kong and Macau market while “Xu Kee Bakery” focuses on the market in mainland, China. Until present, we have developed more than 30 sales markets in mainland. We aim to introduce the traditional arts and crafts of Macau and its fine tradition to different parts of the world, sharing with everyone the delicious and tasty Macau food.