Ecorite Environmental Product Ltd.


EcoRite was established in 2009. We are committed to environmentally friendly products and production of export business. We mainly bring international highly-environmental technology and products and produce them in Macau for promoting them to Macau, neighbor regions, and European markets. We hope to contribute our small part to the world’s environment. We are at present the exclusive Macanese enterprise using the Japanese’s advanced and unique patterned technology of electrolysis to produce the ionized water. In 2010, we are privileged to acquire the most advanced and unique patterned technology of electrolysis, and set up the system in Macau starting to produce the world’s most unique functional ionized water with a pH value of 12.5 or above. This water has the following amazing and unmatched features: Distinctive cleaning power; odorless and non-irritating; sterilizing and deodorizing; anti-static & dust-proof; anti-oxidation and rust proof; surfactant-free to save water; no organic & VOC contents; absolutely eco-friendly. Hydro Klean ionized water product is the world’s new hope for water conservation and human health. It helps every family to save in average 20-40 liters of water daily in the kitchen alone. Considering the huge population in countries around the world, would it be difficult to save our water for the planet earth now?