Estabelecimento De Comidas Nga Heong


Established since 1978 as a small shop and over the 30 years through its growth, it now consists of three branches and that is Burmese cuisine Restaurant in the ‘Three lights’ suburb area in Macau. Since the late 70s many overseas Chinese from Myanmar had settled in Macau, hence establishing the numerous openings of Myanmar and Southeast Asian cuisine restaurants and Nga Heung restaurant was one of the many that remained its authentic taste while at the same time adjusting to the taste of which Macanese favors. Over the years, our signature dishes are lo-mein with mara vegetables, Burmese noodles in fish soup and chicken noodles in coconut soup. These signature dishes were heavily promoted by the Hong Kong media to locals that even the Hong Kong Chief Executive has also been patronized. The ingredients used to make the favorable Mara vegetables consists of a combination of top quality Myanmar dried shrimp, dried onions, peppers, garlic, salt, shrimp paste and edible vegetable oil. Mara vegetables are great with rice, bread, to put in sandwiches. Additionally, it tastes particularly good with fried beans, spinach and mushrooms. It can be used as a flavoring with steamed egg, tofu and steamed fish.