The Transformation Journey of Century-old Yeng Kee Bakery

        Macao’s tourism industry started in the 1960s and entered a period of rapid growth in the 1980s, during which time the Inner Harbour was the city’s major ferry terminal and tourists used to shop for food souvenirs, such as salted threadfin, dried oysters, crabs and frozen wonton, in the streets around the terminal, namely the areas of Rua de Cinco de Outubro and Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro. Yeng Kee Bakery was founded during this period and sold homemade pastries, such as almond cookies, egg rolls and Chinese shortbread, in addition to popular products like dried oysters and crabs.


        Time flies and things change. Nowadays, the number of specialty stores that still sell salted threadfin and dried oysters is gradually declining and sweets and pastries, such as almond cookies, egg rolls, peanut sweets and nougats, have become the most popular souvenirs. Founded in 1928, Yeng Kee Bakery has developed a modern automated production system and its products have been sold on a number of large-scale e-commerce platforms and received an enthusiastic response.


Photos of the family-operated pastry production process in the past


Freshly baked phoenix egg rolls

Embracing innovation while continuing the legend

        The time-honoured brand of Yeng Kee Bakery underwent reformation in 2013 to introduce a modern management approach and an all-round upgrade of the company from production and packaging to marketing. The first step of the reformation was to establish a modern factory in Macao that occupies an area of around 20,000 square feet. The factory meets globally recognised standards for quality management, namely ISO22000, ISO9000 and HACCP, and is equipped with five production lines to ensure the stable production quality that can satisfy the demand for market expansion. Apart from being 100% made in Macao, all the products have been certified with the “M Mark” from the Macau Product Quality Certification Scheme and “Q-Mark” from the Hong Kong Q-Mark Product Scheme.


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Pastry production equipment


The factory meets a range of international quality management standards

        Moreover, Yeng Kee Bakery has striven to reshape the brand image and redesign product packaging, while developing new pastry products. At present, the company boasts over one hundred products, some of which are produced with trehalose as a substitute for sucrose in a bid to reduce the sugar content, thereby providing more options for people in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Among the products, the almond cookies with whole almonds, white lotus seed paste mooncakes with double egg yolks and lava egg custard mooncakes are the signature products of Yeng Kee Bakery, all of which have garnered the Gold Award from Monde Selection, an international quality certification institute, and have attracted numerous repeat customers. Chang Ching Ching, General Manager of Yeng Kee Bakery, noted that the company attaches high importance to the quality of pastries and therefore pays particular attention to the selection of ingredients. For instance, all the white lotus seed paste mooncakes with double egg yolks are made from superior lotus seeds from Hunan and quality eggs, in the hope of attracting customers with quality products and tasty flavours.


        Yeng Kee Bakery has also made bold innovations regarding sales channels by actively promoting products through live streaming with internet celebrities on social media, and marketing products on popular mainland e-commerce platforms, such as Tmall, and Pinduoduo, hoping to continue the story of “Made in Macao” and “Macao brands”.


General Director Chang Ching Ching


White lotus seed paste mooncakes with double egg yolks awarded with Gold Award of Monde Selection in 2020 

(photo courtesy of the enterprise)


Over 100 kinds of Yeng Kee Bakery products

Expanding market through active participation in exhibitions outside of Macao

        Chang believes that the company’s remarkable achievements resulting from market expansion in the mainland are attributable to its participation in the first China International Import Expo organised by the Commerce and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) years ago.


        “Each time we participated in the economic and trade events organised by IPIM, we could always approach clients that we wished to forge a partnership with. During the first and second China International Import Expo, we became acquainted with a company who later became our general agent in the mainland and our overseas clients that we still enjoy a partnership with today, which is a major step forward for our business expansion”. In 2021, through participating in the “Shanghai-Macao Business Matching Session” held by IPIM during the “Macao Week in Shanghai”, Yeng Kee Bakery successfully entered into co-operation with local large-scale supermarkets, and the products have now hit the shelves. In the future, the company will continue to strive for more orders from the mainland and gradually increase brand popularity.

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Self-operated logistics


Retail store in a large local hotel 

(photo courtesy of the enterprise)


Promoting products at the “Macao Ideas, Join & Match” Business-matching Showcase


Expanding customer base by participating in “Shanghai-Macao Business Matching Session”

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