Ellis Trading Company Limited

Marca de Macau
  • Tel: 66635734
  • E-mail: elise.lm.ng@ellistrading.com.cn

In 2012, we extended our business to retail market in China, Macau and Hong Kong, and built up the brand-Bodyskin which contains a wide range of products, such as natural essential oil, aromatherapy product and tailor made skincare products. Meanwhile, we gather top professional aroma therapists, who have unique perspectives and rich clinical experiences, knowledge and skills on aromatherapy, to let more Chinese experience the miracle powers from pure plant essential oils. We also provide an experiencing center for aromatherapy workshops and professional courses regularly since 2015. In addition, we have opened our first retail shop in Zhuhai China in 2016. In the shop customers can experience how aromatherapy works in our daily living.